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Dismas awakes in heaven, baffled as to why and amazed by the wonder of his new surroundings. He is welcomed by Jesus and recounts his story. For the first time in his short, wretched life, he begins to discover many feelings and emotions that had been deeply buried and suppressed.


As he reflects on his past, he struggles to see the reason why he has been rescued and brought into paradise. But as his mind is renewed, he discovers that he is no different to anyone else - created special and unique by a forgiving Father; saved, healed and restored by a compassionate Son and filled with love and joy by the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Beneath The Tamarisk Tree is a fictional take on the story of the Penitent Thief, a character mentioned so briefly in the Bible. But his encounter with Jesus offers great insights into the scale of the sacrifice that was made and all that is freely available to everyone who believes.


A wonderful book to feed imaginations, focusing on what Heaven may be like, but more so, telling the story of gracy, mercy and love from our Heavenly Father

Number of pages: 172
Dimensions: 216 x 140 x 14 mm

Beneath The Tamarisk Tree

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